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Contact Youtube TV

How Do I Contact YouTube TV Customer Services by Phone?

When you have an issue with their service, it seems logical to call YouTube TV. For many customers, however, bringing up a YouTube TV complaint by phone is more challenging than they realized. When you try to contact the YouTube TV help center, you will be brought to a series of steps designed to help you.

You will first be given a list of resources that might help and then asked for additional information online. Finally, you are presented with a list of options that you’d think might include a YouTube TV phone number, but it doesn’t.

Once you drill down to Step 4 in the customer service options, hoping to call YouTube TV, there is no phone option. The YouTube TV customer service number option is simply “closed” or was at the time of writing. There are other contact options available, however. After more digging through online resources and customer reviews, PissedConsumer has found a YouTube TV customer service phone number 24/7 you might try: (650) 623-4000.

How to Contact YouTube TV Customer Support via Help Center?
There is one more way to bring a YouTube TV complaint to the company in the help center. You may not have the option to call YouTube TV, but you do have the opportunity to chat. In the YouTube TV help center, you’ll be taken through four steps to finding contact options. Once you’ve provided details of your issue and looked through resources, one of the options showing how to contact YouTube TV will be through chat. You can start your YouTube TV customer support chat by simply clicking on the chat button at the help center. If the YouTube TV customer support chat is not immediately available, you will be told how long you are supposed to wait for a customer service representative.

How to Email YouTube TV Customer Support?

Is YouTube TV Free?

How to Contact YouTube TV Customer Service on Social Media?

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